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May 26, 2012 6:30pm EDT
the time to listen. god bless the united states of america. >> join us monday for c-span posted live memorial day coverage. at 1:00 eastern from the vietnam veterans memorial, speakers include leon panetta and tom selleck. live coverage begins at 10:50 on c-span. >> welcome to boston where "the communicators" is live on broke -- location. this week michael powell -- we talked with him as well as glenn britt who is chairman of time warner cable. >> michael powell, president of the national cable and tele- communications association. you had a sit-down interview with the sec chairman. chairman jankowski talk about shared services agreements that need a closer attention. >> it is a subject that has come up someone significantly -- consistently. i think it was meant to signal that is one area that they may have some concerns when people are bundling power and leverage the right combination of these agreements. there may be something in there that concerns them. i assume that is what he was focused on. to be candid i have not heard much more about this beyond that. it is interesting
Apr 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
the cell phone companies in the united states stored records about where you have been for at least a year and law enforcement agencies can serve subpoenas or other forms of process on the companies and gain access to those records. so in some cases law for some agencies are tracking people using these records and other times engaging in gps trucking. sometimes they are tracking one individual for a relatively short period of time and sometimes they are getting all of the cell phone location records of everyone that is at a particular location, so there is a wide range of practices. >> some cases some police organizations are taking place about the technology the argument has often been that there are similar to following somebody physically or taking a picture of them with a camera, which in most cases do not require any kind of a warrant or court sanction. how do these forms of tracking or this type of information gathering differ from what the law enforcement has been doing for years? >> it differs substantially because tracking one person, say by following the murder and is actu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2